Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My winters art work for the accommodation

Four down two to go! My mosaic tables for the private garden area for each room. They are all salvaged tables from an auction house in Melbourne. $10 each and now priceless! LOL 
The fold up iron chairs were $10 each too from a coffee shop in Albury that decided on new plastic ones and were throwing these one away! Love them they are perfect for all weather and strong metal frames. This table has a brass sea horse in the centre, it broke off the end of a serving spoon. The spoon was a gift from my friend Viv Bright it broke about 10 years ago, I could never throw it away and finally I set it into the centre of my work! 

Frustrated Rock Climbers!

The rock climbing harnesses have come in handy for the monkey's on the roof!  Lin and Clay have finally got the safety message!

Spring and progress

Sorry for the slowness on our Blog! Its been a big Winter and building is progressing faster now that Spring has Sprung, the finer weather is finally here! We have achieved so much really Steve has not only moved into his 6th decade but has been building and project managing the New Spring Spur Riders Retreat.
We are all very excited to announce our new online booking system! 
The olden days checking the Post Office every day for booking forms mailed by the POSTIE seems a thing of the past like the delivery by horse and cart of BOTTLED Milk, Yes I remember those olden days as a kid hearing the clip clop of the Clydesdales massive shoes on the newly made tar road!
Our dreams are coming true the final stage of our infrastructure and a place we can share with our family and friends long into the future.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Feast

Beautiful surprise Christmas Eve dinner was prepared by our beautiful European and middle Eastern volunteer staff this Christmas. Complete with menu's courtesy of  Josh Campen, printed in Swedish Dutch French and Yes .... Hebrew.... What the?  Sarah joined in the family Christmas and bought to the table her favourite Jewish dishes. How lucky are we to have the opportunity to celebrate with these delightful young travellers!

 Christmas Day of course was prepared by the Men of the Household and duck terrain and asian salads and rice paper rolls were perfect for the tropical temperature in the North East here at Spring Spur.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Greetings from the Bogong Bairds

Christmas AGAIN the start of many exciting new roles for us all here at BHA and especially for George and Mildred the Christmas Mule~deers! LOL
To all of you whom we adore out there in the world of Cyber Space ~
Have a Safe and wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, don't eat too much and send a little something to a charity or buy a goat for a village in Africa rather than a whole lot of stuff from China~ Compassion is a gift and the heart of life ~ Generosity sustains us ~ Be generous in simple acts of kindness ~ See the smiles from my family to yours ~ AND smile too ~ With all of our love from deep within our PUMPS ~
We all love to celebrate this special time  ~ Influenced by great SAINTS that have walked our earth ~ since time began ~ Time for Stillness~ Contemplation ~ Love ~ and a couple of  DAYS OFF! Ya Hoo!

Mildred, Lin, Kath, Steve, Clay and George

Monday, 28 November 2011

Spring garlic harvest

Garden meisters Lin and Kath braid the seed garlic thinnings. Garden fresh garlic is a whole new experience in the garden kitchen and adds that fresh flavor missing from dried garlic.